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Electroplex Rocket 50-EL Amplifier Head

Rocket 50-EL Amp Head


"It's amazing how well this amp can do the big booty chunk thing and still chime. One of the best feedback amps I've ever played. Super responsive." Art Thompson - Guitar Player Magazine

Our Price: $2,439.95

Product Code: 50-EL


Electroplex Rocket 50-EL Amplifier Head

"...clean tones to spare, and ... a certain 'vintageness' to its soul." - Art Thompson Guitar Player Magazine

For years players have coveted the classic "British" sounds of the great EL34 amps made in the UK from the 60s through the 80s. Honoring that history, Electroplex has lashed its high-performance Rocket preamps to a stout EL34 power section, creating a new generation "Brit-Rock" tone machine.

The Rocket 50-EL builds on the EL34 sound with versatile front-end voicing of the Rocket 50 preamp. Two distinctly different channels offer a wide array of tone colors. The Rocket's expanded gain control allows players to precisely tailor the amount of overdrive in their sound, as well as the overdrive threshold for expressive touch control.

The Rocket 50-EL also features Electroplex's Hi/Lo Power Switching, for operation at 50 watts or 35 watts. At the 35 watt setting the RL34s have a more-compressed response when pushed hard. This gives players the additional flexibility to blend the amount of overdrive in the preamp and output sections, for a broad range of overdrive tones and responses. The result is a powerful and versatile EL34 amplifier that brings exciting new voices and capabilities to the performance stage and recording studio.

50 watt all-tube 2-channel amp, switchable to 35-watt operation. Electroplex melds the classic British flavor of EL34s to the dynamic front-end preamp of the Rockets. The result is a hard-driving uniquely versatile tone machine!

All Electroplex Amplifiers are hand-made in the USA

Features & Specs
  • Output power: 50 watts switchable to 35 watts
  • 2 switch-selectable channels, each with unique tone circuits
  • 2 independent effects loops
  • Selectable 16, 8 or 4 ohm operation
  • Tube-driven spring reverb
  • Line-level output
  • Tube Rectifier
  • Cabinet finish: Black Tolex w/ wheat grill
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