Back in the day, before the rise of the mega music stores and online shopping, the local guitar shop was the meeting place for every guitar player. Conversations about tone and developing your own sound were never ending. The ongoing quest for all of us was how to get the best tone possible.

Every one percent improvement in tone was a step in the right direction. The guitars, amps, effects and everything else that got us there were worth every minute of our time, and, sometimes, every dollar we had. Inspired jam sessions often broke out in the shop to highlight different tonal points of view, often punctuated by impassioned arguments about what was, really, the best tone.

Those days are, in large part gone, and eCommerce has been embraced by new and old generations of guitar players as a convenient and reliable way to continue their pursuit of great tone.

Located in Santa Cruz, CA (Phone: 310-823-7981), Tonewrx has a combined 50+ years of experience as professional studio and touring guitar players, with another 30+ years of musical instrument and pro audio product development, marketing and distribution. We know tone from every angle - from designing it, to building it, to using it.

While you can't park out front and walk into our store, you can get comfortable in your own music den and let us guide you to the best tone you ever had.