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Experimental Noize

Experimental Noize is headed by Frank Thomson. Frank is a prolific analog and digital engineer and has been designing musical products for many years. He has been associated with some of the most recognized products in the musical instrument industry. For decades, he worked side by side with Keith Barr, the founder of MXR and Alesis. He helped start Spin Semiconductor post Alesis.

Although he became a major DSP chip designer (used in Alesis reverbs, Drum Machines, Synths, & the ADAT), Frank always has been an avid guitar player. It was in those times with a guitar in his hands that led him to start Experimental Noize and develop his first two EN guitar products.

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Aphazing Phase Shifter Experimental Noize Aphazing

Aphazing Phase Shifter

Our Price: $169.95
SpinCycle Rotary Speaker Emulator SpinCycle Rotary Speaker Emulator

SpinCycle Rotary Speaker Emulator

Our Price: $349.95