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Greg Back Guitars is a full service repair/custom shop for stringed instruments based in Los Angeles, CA. Greg is partnering with Tonewrx to give guitarists everywhere access to one of the finest luthier services in the industry. Greg has done guitar work and built custom guitars for many of the major studio guitarists and some of the biggest recording artists in the music industry.

Tonewrx is offering Greg's services for those who can't find a high-level of service in their local area. Please note that this is not for typical work like setups, simple fret dressings, simple electronics, etc.

Greg is availble for restorations, fingerboard, fret, trussrod, neck and other structural issues as well as custom modifications. In other words, higher level services that you may not be able to find at your local repair shop.

Greg's services are available through Tonewrx.
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Greg Back Guitars Custom Model Greg Back Guitars Custom Model

Greg Back Guitars

Our Price: $3,995.00